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    Marcia C. Barbosa

    Full Professor
    Instituto de Física da UFRGS
    Graduation Program in Physics of th e UFRGS
    CNPq Research Fellow Level 1B
    Brazilian Academy of Science

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    Photo by Julian Dufort for the Lóreal Foundation


    The weirdness of Water

    Water is weird. It has more than 70 anomalies,
    physical and chemical properties that are
    very different from other materials.
    For scientists, anomalies can be the basis
    of technological breakthroughs.
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    Women in Physics

    Women in Brazil are
    underrepresented in the field of science and
    in particular in physics. One example of this unbalance is that
    at the Brazilian Academy of Science
    women in the field of physics and astronomy corresponds
    to 6% of participants, only; while within the researchers
    at the top of their career women correspond to 5%.
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    Marcia C. B. Barbosa
    Instituto de Física - UFRGS 
    91501-970 - Porto Alegre - RS
    Phone: (+55 51) 33086516(office)
    Phone: (+55 51) 32334818(home)
    Phone: (+55 51) 30856459(home)
    Phone: (+55 51) 98055477(cellular)
    Fax: (+55 51) 33087286