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Sponsors of Views of the Solar System

Views of the Solar System has been created out of a love for the marvelous universe in which we live in. Unlike many of the sites on the Web, Views has been created from a budget of $0.00 and from the assistance from many individuals in the world who have made some significant contributions of time. It is not a government funded project. The maintenance of this site depends upon your continued support. The most recent contributors have been:

Commercial Opportunities

I am looking for a photo lab that would be interested in producing prints and slides of the Views of the Solar System images. I get a number of requests for such a service. I can set up a link from the image pages to the photo lab. The photo lab would need to set up the mechanism for people to place an order.

Help Needed!

Questions have been raised from the community on how they can help with this site. One way is through financial assistance. Such donations make it possible to expand Views. It is costly to maintain a site that contains over 1000 pages of information and a gigabyte of image and animation data. Another method of support is by donating your time in building Views. Right now the Views of the Solar System organization is in need of the following products:

I have a few copies of the NSTA CD-ROM of Views of the Solar System which I will send to anyone who can donate Photoshop.

If you have extra time on your hands, I am looking for some one who would be interested in maintaining the page World Wide Web resources and someone who would be interested in expanding the people in astronomy page.

Advertising Oportunities

Views of the Solar System has avoided placing advertising on its pages and does not plan on having the ugly banner ads that can be seen on many of the sites. Never-the-less the financial assistance is greatly needed. If you would like to be a sponsor of Views of the Solar System, you can your logo at the top of each page as part of the menu bar. Smaller donations will place you on the list of elite contributors who have made Views possible. If you can assist in any way please contact Calvin J. Hamilton (calvin@hawastsoc.org).




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