Thanks to the Local Organising Committee of IAU Symp. 359 – GALFEED

The Local Organising Committee of the IAU Symposium 359 – GALFEED was superb in the preparation of all the materials, planning of social events, ideas for logo’s, the charming havaiana sandals (the Universe at your feet!), besides the coordination of all the activities during the meeting. From left to right in the picture above: Rodrigo Freitas (IF-UFRGS), Dr. Tiago Ricci (UFFS), Hekatelyne Carpes (IF-UFRGS), Dr. Cristina Furlanetto (IF-UFRGS), Dr. Juliana Motter (IF-UFRGS), Dr. Ana Chies Santos (IF-UFRGS), Eduardo Brock (IF-UFRGS), Dr. Marina Trevisan (IF-UFRGS) and Dr. Jaderson Schimoia (UFSM).

Special thanks go also to Dr. Rogério Riffel, who could not be present, but who also worked hard in the last months in the preparations for the meeting.