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Sebastián Gonçalves

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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and obtained my Ph.D. in Physics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1992, researching at the Comision Nacional de Energía Atómica.  Then I moved to Porto Alegre, Brazil, as a Postdoc at the Instituto de Física of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, where I became Professor in 1997. Before that I spend one year and a half  in Santiago, Chile, as a researcher at the Facultad de Física of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. I have ongoing collaborations with the Statistical and Interdisciplinary Physics Group of the Centro Atómico Bariloche in Argentina, with the University of New Mexico, and with the URPP Social Network of the University of Zurich.

I have worked in condensed matter: magnetic foams, spinodal decomposition, and order-disorder transition. I am interest in the microscopic origin of friction. The preferred tools and methods of work are numerical simulations, like agent based models, Monte Carlo, and Molecular Dynamics techniques.

My present interest is in some problems in the so called "socio-physics" area, which is a wide subject under the huge umbrella of complex systems. Socio-physics means today the use and application of traditional model and tools of mechanical statistics to help understand the behavior of complex systems made of people. Critical behavior, phase transitions, and dynamical systems are some of the concepts used in socio-physics. Recent advances and ideas from network theory are used prominently too. Network robustness and crime, opinion and innovation dynamics, econophysics, and the spread of epidemics are some of my specific topics of research.

People I work(ed) with

Thiago Diaz
Gustavo Kohlrausch
Diego D. Lopes
Ervin K. Lenzi
Alvaro F. Martins
Quentin S. Hanley
Matjaž Perc
Haroldo V. Ribeiro
Teo Victor da Silva
Julian Neñer
Janaína Ruffoni
Carolina de Abreu
Flavio Iannelli
Albertine Weber
Ben-Hur Cardozo
Eder Schneider
Maria Lujan Iglesias
Bruno Requião da Cunha
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Avella
Roberto Da Silva
Mendelli Vainstein
Felipe Paula
Alexsandro Carvalho
Sergio Souza
Italo Gabriel Neide
Marcelo Ferreira da Costa Gomes
Mukesh Tiwari
Yping Ma
Sylvain Mignot
Jean-Pierre Nadal
Mirta Gordon
Gaspar Caon
M. Rodriguez Achach
R. Huerta-Quintanilla
Cristian Muorkazel
Evy Salcedo Torres
Claudio Scherer
Salete Pianegoda
José Luis Vega
Alan Bishop
Claudio Fusco
V. M. Kenkre
Guillermo Abramson
Oscar Nagel
Marcelo Kuperman
Sebastian Risau Gusmao
Fabiana Laguna
Fernanda Stedille
Israel Baumvol
Rita Maria Cunha de Almeida
Elisa Brod de Oliveira da Rosa
Leonardo Gregory Brunnet
Gerardo Martinez
Jose Roberto Iglesias
Migel Kiwi
Ricardo Ramirez
Hernan Bonadeo

Publications (since 2003)

Effectiveness of wealth-based vs exchange-based tax systems in reducing inequality
Thiago Dias, Sebastián Gonçalves
Physica A 641, 2024, 129721

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Bounded Confidence Opinion Dynamics with Asch-Like Social Conformity in Paradigmatic and Real Networks
TV da Silva, B Requião da Cunha, S Goncalves
Available at SSRN 4066973 (2022)

Deep Learning Criminal Networks
Haroldo V Ribeiro, Diego D Lopes, Arthur AB Pessa, Alvaro F Martins, Bruno R da Cunha, Sebastian Goncalves, Ervin K Lenzi, Quentin S Hanley, Matjaz Perc
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An analytical solution for the Kermack-McKendrick model
Alexsandro M. Carvalho, Sebastián Gonçalves
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Inequality, a scourge of the XXI century
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Empirical determination of the optimal attack for fragmentation of modular networks
Carolina de Abreu, Sebastián Gonçalves, Bruno Requião da Cunha
Physica A 563, 125486 (2021)

Macroscopic and Microscopic Perspectives for Adoption of Technologies in the USA
Alexsandro M. Carvalho, Sebastián Gonçalves, Janaína Ruffoni, José Roberto Iglesias
PLoS ONE 15(12): e0242676

Universal scaling law for COVID-19 propagation in urban centers
Ben-Hur Francisco Cardoso and Sebastián Gonçalves
medRxiv (2020)

Trend analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and the rest of the world
Albertine Weber, Flavio Iannelli, Sebastian Gonçalves
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Key factors in disease spreading: Spatial heterogeneity, time dependence, and human behavior:
Comment on "Pattern transitions in spatial epidemics: Mechanisms and emergent properties"

S Gonçalves
Physics of life reviews 19, 79 (2016)

Fast Fragmentation of Networks using Module-Based Attacks
Bruno Requião da Cunha, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Avella and Sebastián Gonçalves
PLoS ONE 10(11): e0142824 (2015)

Anomalous diffusion in the evolution of soccer championship scores: Real data, mean-field analysis, and an agent-based model
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The unfair consequences of equal opportunities:
comparing exchange models of wealth distribution

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Reply to Comment on ``Dynamical of Thermal Growth of Silicon Oxide Films on Si''
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