Postdoc positions in physical biology: flocks, swarms and all that – Rome

We are looking for postdoctoral fellows interested in performing experimental research at the interface between physics and biology. The aim of our group is to study the collective phenomena of life through a close interplay between experimental data on biological groups in their natural environment and statistical physics methods, as correlation functions, scaling and the renormalization group. We plan to work in systems as diverse as bird flocks, insect swarms, and cell colonies. The new experimental team will have the task to develop the new data-acquisition systems (both in 3D – flocks, swarms – and 2D – stem cells), to calibrate and test the new apparatus, and to conduct the data-acquisition campaigns. A strong emphasis will be put on the comparison between theory and experiments.

The postdocs will join the COBBS Group in Rome (Collective Behaviour in Biological Systems), at the Institute for Complex Systems of the CNR, and work under the supervision of Andrea Cavagna and Irene Giardina. The duration of the positions is two years, potentially extendable. The positions will be funded by the ERC Advanced Grant RG.BIO to Andrea Cavagna. More information about our group and this project can be found at

Applications should be sent by email to; they should contain a cv and the contacts of senior scientists who can provide recommendation letters (only upon our request). Although there is no sharp deadline for these positions, earlier applications will naturally be given higher priority. We therefore encourage interested candidates to contact us immediately.