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The use of complex networks in History: a case study (S. R. Dahmen – IF-UFRGS)

7 de outubro de 2020:15:00

In the last few years historians have become aware of the possibility of using Network Theory as a tool to better understand historical events. These events may span several decades or even centuries and involve hundreds of actors, making networks not only an ideal visualization tool but also helping shed light onto details most historians are not aware of. In this seminar I will talk about my experience working with historians on the events that gave rise to what is known today as England. I will present our analysis of Bede’s “Ecclesiastical History of the English People”. The Venerable Bede (ca. 672 – 735 A.D.) was an English monk and one of the main scholars of his times. He wrote extensively on the history of England, starting with the Roman conquest by Julius Caesar up to the 8th Century.  He is considered the father of English history and is also known for his book and teachings on the mathematics of calendar calculations (computus).

Ref.: /Gendered Networks and Communicability in Medieval Historical Narratives (2020)./
S.D. Prado, S.R. Dahmen, A.L.C. Bazzan, M. MacCarron and J. Hillner (accepted in Advances of Complex Systems, in print).

This talk will be transmitted live on the UNAM YouTube channel


7 de outubro de 2020
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