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Seminário: Strongly interacting low-dimensional systems – from cold atomic gases to superconducting quantum technology (Prof. Nikolaj Zinner – Aarhus University, Denmark)

27 de maio de 2019:10:30

In one dimensional traps, a system of quantum particles with strong short-range repulsion and two (or more) internal spin states displays magnetic effects even in the limit of very few particles. Using trapping geometry engineering, this can be exploited to tailor different magnetic effects, both for static and dynamic purposes. I will discuss how one maps the behavior of strongly interacting one-dimensional trapped particles into spin chain models and how the dynamics of such systems can be used to design systems with given transport properties, such as perfect quantum state transfer chains or quantum spin transistor setups using cold atomic gases. Lastly, I will discuss how these ideas can be transferred to superconducting circuits and used for realization of quantum technology.


27 de maio de 2019
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Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral – Prédio 43.135
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil