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Seminário de Astronomia: Gauging Feedback from AGN at L[O III] > 10^42 erg/s – Bruno Dall’Agnol de Oliveira (UFRGS)

30 de outubro de 2019:12:30 - 13:30

I will present the results of our work with a sample of 9 luminous (L[O III] >10^42 erg/s) type 2 QSOs, with redshifts 0.1 < z < 0.5. We used Hubble Space Telescope (HST) narrow-band images, centered on [O III]λ5007 and Hα+[N II] emission lines, with the purpose of constraining the geometry of their extended narrow-line regions (ENLRs). The narrow-band images showed elongated ENLRs and bipolar ionization cones in [O III]/(Hα+[NII]) excitation maps, indicating that the torus still survives at these luminosities. Moreover, as the gas is being ionized to distances far beyond the host galaxy, indicating that the AGN radiation can escape its host galaxy, ionizing the intergalactic medium. In addition, I will show our new results obtained with integral field spectroscopy observations carried out with the Gemini GMOS-IFU facility. With kinematics and other inferred properties, it is possible to estimate the feedback effect, which will show the impact of AGNs with this luminosity on the host galaxy. Our strategy involves the decomposition of emission line profiles in narrow and broad components. An outflow power estimative using only the broad components will reveal if the feedback is been under/overestimated in the literature, providing stronger physical constraints to evolutionary models of galaxies.


30 de outubro de 2019
12:30 - 13:30
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