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Seminário: Chemical Solution Deposition of Functional Films on Textured Metal Substrates: Superconductors and Beyond (Jean-Claude Grivel)

29 de março de 2019:14:30

Título: Chemical Solution Deposition of Functional Films on Textured Metal Substrates: Superconductors and Beyond.
Palestrante: Jean-Claude Grivel (Senior Researcher).
Instituição: Department of Energy Conversion and Storage – Technical University of Denmark.
Local: Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral, Instituto de Física da UFRGS.

Data: 29/03/2019, às 14:30.

The deposition of chemical solutions on textured metal substrates by means of dip-coating followed by adequate thermal treatments is a convenient way for manufacturing thin and flexible films of functional materials with a high degree of preferential orientation. This process is relatively cheap and can in principle be scaled up to coat large areas. Our recent activities on the manufacture of biaxially oriented high-temperature superconducting thin films on cube-textured metal substrates will be reviewed, starting from the creation of a suitable recrystallization texture in heavily deformed metal ingots. Efforts for reducing the fluorine content of the starting precursors, studies of the thermal decomposition of the metalorganic compounds formed in the solution as well as characterization of the microstructure and performance of the films will also be presented. New projects involving other types of materials i.e. piezoelectrics and photocatalysts, for which this technique could prove useful, will be finally presented.

Short CV:
Jean-Claude Grivel was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1967. He obtained a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics in 1996 at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). He then worked at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden) and for Nordic Superconductor Technologies A/S (Denmark) before joining the Ris National Laboratory as Senior Scientist in 2000. Since 2012, he is associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since his PhD project, he has been involved in the development of superconducting wires based on various compounds, especially BI2223, MGB2 and REBA2CU3O7 coated-conductors. For the latter, focus is on chemical solution deposition on textured metal substrates.


29 de março de 2019
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Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral – Prédio 43.135
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil