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Prof. Jairo Roa-Rojas (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) – Complex perovskite-like materials: “A template for the design of new physical properties” – 19 de Agosto 14:00

19 de agosto:14:00 - 15:00


The applications of materials in modern technology depend substantially on their nanostructural, physical and chemical properties. One particular technological area in the physics of novel materials is known as spintronics, understood as spin transport electronics, and related to the study of electronic spin, its associated magnetic moment and fundamental charge, as well as manipulation and control of these intrinsic properties for applications in solid-state devices. In metallic systems, the field of spintronics refers to spin charge coupling (ferro- and ferrimagnetic materials, giant and colossal magnetoresistive materials, half-metallics, among others), while in insulating materials the analogous effects correspond to the field of multiferroic materials (with some exceptions, such as Mott insulators). Among the most versatile materials in the evidence of these exotic properties, one of the most representative families is that of the so-called perovskites, which in recent years have been widely investigated, including for their applications in photovoltaic and solar cell technologies, due to the possibility of tuning properties depending on their degree of complexity, stoichiometric composition and crystalline structure. In the present talk, fundamental and phenomenological aspects related to this unique family of ceramic materials will be considered, including theoretical and experimental results obtained in the Physics of New Materials Group (Physics Department, National University of Colombia), whose relevance has given rise to publications concerning characteristics such as the ferromagnetic response in insulating materials, the biferroic nature, the half-metallic character and the evidence of ferromagnetism in semiconductor materials, all of them of complex perovskite type. All these interesting properties generate technological expectations in the spintronics industry to produce information storage devices in magnetic media based on colossal magnetoresistance, spin valves and polarised spin currents, in electrical, magnetic, thermomagnetic and magnetoelectric sensors, among others.


19 de agosto
14:00 - 15:00