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Dynamical effects of an eccentric giant planet on outer small body reservoirs – Gonzalo C. de Elía (Universidade Nacional de La Plata)

16 de outubro de 2019:12:30 - 13:30

The last 25 years of investigations concerning planetary sciences have led to a real explosion of new discoveries in extra-solar planets. In fact, the number of confirmed planets discovered to date outside the solar system amounts to about 4000, which show a wide diversity of physical and dynamical properties. In particular, giant gaseous exoplanets exist on diverse orbits with small, moderate, and high eccentricities, which even reach values of up to 0.97. The dynamical structure of planetary systems that host a massive eccentric perturber is complex. In this talk, we combine analytical criteria and N-body numerical experiments in order to analyze the dynamical properties of outer test particles in the elliptical restricted three-body problem. In particular, we describe the orbit-flipping resonance that leads to librations in the ascending node longitude $\Omega$, the inverse Lidov-Kozai resonance associated with librations of the argument of pericenter $\omega$, the apse-aligned resonance wherein $\omega + \Omega$ librates, and the $\omega – \Omega$ for different values associated with the inner massive perturber’s eccentricity. The dynamics discussed in this research could play a key role in understanding the evolution of debris disks associated with extrasolar systems that host an inner and eccentric giant planet.


16 de outubro de 2019
12:30 - 13:30
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Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral – Prédio 43.135
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil + Google Map