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Colóquio – Anomalous Behaviour of Alcohol in Water

2 de outubro de 2018:16:00 - 17:00

Anomalous behaviour of alcohol in water

Enrique Lomba

CSIC, Madri, Espanha

Dia 2 de Outubro de 2018

Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral

The presence of structural, thermodynamic, and dynamics in water, lies at the core of its importance in biological processes. Among these anomalies, the presence of a temperature of maximum density at constant pressure 4C at 1 bar is perhaps the most well known, and it is key to the preservation of life in surface frozen lakes and seas. In parallel, dynamic anomalies can be found, such as the counterintuitive increase of self-diffusion when pressure is increased. Interestingly, some of this anomalies can be enhanced in the presence of very small amount of short chain alcohols,, a feature unique to these substances that is not shared by other polar or non-polar solutes. For this reason, dilute short-chain alcohols are said to act as structure-builders in water. Common sense indicates that the influence of alcohol groups on the hydrogen bond structure of water should be at the core of these behaviour, In this presentation, we will review recent studies, on this relatively old but unsolved problem, presenting new experimental results, together with computer simulations using both realistic and simplified models, in an attempt to elucidate the different factors at play in the structure-builder role of short-chain alcohols.


2 de outubro de 2018
16:00 - 17:00
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Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral – Prédio 43.135
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil + Google Map