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COLÓQUIO: Heavy fermion metals: Recent surprises and new frontiers (Gertrud Zwicknagl)

31 de outubro de 2023:16:00 - 17:00

Heavy fermion metals: Recent surprises and new frontiers

Gertrud Zwicknagl

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Dia 31 de Outubro de 2023 às 16h

Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral

Since their discovery almost half a century ago, heavy fermion systems have been a continuous source of surprises. At low temperatures, these materials exhibit intriguing phenomena like quantum phase transitions, unconventional superconductivity and unusual magnetism. The complex  collective behavior which may eventually provide new functionalities results from quantum correlations among the electrons and competing interactions may lead to novel ground states with sometimes enigmatic orders. While heavy fermion systems in their “normal” state can be  approximately described as Fermi liquids and therefore share common qualitative properties it is important to emphasize that there are different routes to heavy fermions. Microscopic mechanisms leading to the formation of the strongly renormalized Fermi liquid state include geometric frustration, partial charge order, orbital-selective localization, and the Kondo effect. The focus of the present talk will be intermetallic lanthanide (4f) and actinide (5f) compounds where the “heavy” quasiparticles arise due to the latter two effects. Starting from quasiparticle states calculated by the Renormalized Band method, I will discuss recently discovered novel Fermi surface instabilities and the interplay of superconductivity with these novel orders.


31 de outubro de 2023
16:00 - 17:00
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