Charles J. Bonatto

Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck,
And yet methinks I have astronomy,
But not to tell of good, or evil luck,
Of plagues, of dearths, or season's quality,
Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell,
Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind,
Or say with princes if it shall go well
By oft predict that I in heaven find:
But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive,
And, constant stars, in them I read such art
As truth and beauty shall together thrive,
If from thyself, to store thou wouldst convert;
Or else of thee this I prognosticate:
Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date.

W. Shakespeare, Sonnet 14


Professor at the Instituto de Física of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Research Interests: Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy

I've been working on the following main topics:

Dynamical state and structure of Galactic Open Clusters.

Structural properties of Globular Clusters.

Stellar population of galaxies.

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