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This page contains some small programs that I did in my spare time, released under the GPL License. Please me if you have comments, suggestions or bug reports.


JGrades is a small ansi C program that receives a list of students names and grades (in a semi-colon delimited format) and outputs a nicely formated table in LaTeX and HTML, along with the averages, statistics and even grades( example ).

This project is still active. We're now in the pre-release stage for version 2. Still missing is the GUI. Anyone?

Updated in 06/29/2001.

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    Kaos1 is a DOS tool for dealing with one-dimensional (1D) discrete dynamical systems. Some of its features are:

    • display bifurcation diagrams and the correspondent Lyapunov exponent for several predefined maps;
    • display the time evolution and the first return map;
    • all the parameters may be selected by the user;
    • zoom in/out of selected regions of the bifurcation diagram;
    • save data in files;
    • print screen in HP LaserJet/DeskJet;
    • etc;
    This project is no longer maintained and if anyone would like to port it to freepascal/Linux I'll be glad to hear.

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    Chaos Science Key Resource (July 8, 2000)

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