Research Interests:

Integrable systems; quantum algebras and groups

models for Bose-Einstein condensates,

strongly correlated electron systems, 

spin ladder compounds



Recent Publications (2003 – July/2008)


1) M. Batchelor,  X.W. Guan, N. Oelkers, K. Sakai, Z. Tsuboi e A. Foerster, Exact results for the thermal and magnetic properties of strong coupling ladder compounds,

Physical Review Letters 91 (2003) 21720;


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Europhysics Letters 64 (2003) 111;


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New Journal of Physics5 (2003) 103;


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Nuclear Physics B669 (2003) 385;

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Journal of Statistical Mechanics- Theory and Experiment, (2004) Art. No. P10017


8)  Z.Ying, I. Roditi, A. Foerster and B. Chen,  Exact  solution and magnetic properties of an anisotropic spin ladder, 

European Physical Journal B 41 (2004) 67

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Journal of  Physics A: Mathematical and General 38 (2005) 1235;


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Physical Review A, v. 73, (2006)  023609.


16) J. He ; K. Tian ; A. Foerster and W-X. Ma, Additional Symmetries and String Equation of the CKP Hierarchy.

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20) H. Babujian, A Foerster and M. Karowski,  The nested  SU(N) off-shell Bethe ansatz and exact form factors,

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, v.41 (2008) 275202 (21 p);


21) G. Santos, A. Foerster, I. Roditi, Z. Santos and A. Tonel,   Exactly solvable models for triatomic-molecular BEC,

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, v.41 (2008)  295003 ( 9 p);


22) J. He ; K. Tian  and A. Foerster, The Virasoro constraints of the BKP hierarchy,

submitted for publication in  Letters in Mathematical Physics (2008);


23) M. T. Batchelor, A. Foerster, X.W. Guan, J. Links and H.Q. Zhou, Quantum Inverse Scattering method with anyonic grading,

submitted for publication in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (2008);


24) J. He, A.Foerster, X.W.Guan and M. T. Batchelor,  Novel Magnetism and phase transitions in spin ½ attractive Fermi gases with polarization,

submitted for publication in Physical Review B (2008).






(source: Web of Science)






9) A. Foerster, J. Links and H.Q.Zhou, Exact solvability in contemporary Physics,

 review article, published in Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Integrable Systems (2003); edited by A. Kundu, IOP International Press