Graduate Program in Physics
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Graduate Commission


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Validation and Emission of Diploma


Necessary documents for validation of Theses or Dissertation

  • Two copies of Theses or Dissertation

  • A letter from advisor confirming the corrections were made

  • A copy of Theses or Dissertation in CD

Necessary documents for diploma emission

  • Graduate trascription, validated by the Graduate Commission.

  • Copy of undergraduate Dilpoma.

  • Copy of presentation minutes, having the following:

  • grade or copy of a signed Examination Commitee's report about Theses/Dissertation, having the student's final grade;

  • identification of the Examination Commitee members: origin Institution if outside the Program, if outside UFRGS;

  • Academic Degree, Research Area, or option, or emphasis, or speciality according to each specific Program Regulations, approved by the Graduate Department;

  • Advisor's origin Department for multidisciplinary courses;

  • Homologation minutes of Master's or PhD's degree by the Graduate Commision;

  • Graduate Report (printed), stricto sensu, student, cadastral fiche, having the homologation date

  • Voucher (original) of confection fee and Diploma's registration;

  • Copy of Identification Document or equivalent, for checking name, date of birth and city of born;

  • If changed name, bring documentation.

  • Copy of a signed and filled (by student) Authorization Term for Theses, Dissertation or Monography availability in the Digital Library of UFRGS , with the space "Comprovante de entrega do documento na Biblioteca Setorial" signed by Library Authority. Item 3 - "Autorização para disponibilização na Biblioteca Digital da UFRGS" must be filled.