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The Graduate Program in Physics (GPP) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul publishes the regulations of the admission to the PhD course in Physics.

  • Registrations are permanently open.

  • The GPP has the following Research Areas: Experimental Physics, Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics and Physics Teaching. Vacancies for each Research Area are not predefined.

  • The Graduate Commission is responsible for selections, assisted by the Fellowship Commission and also by ad hoc consultants.

  • Are allowed to apply candidates who have a Master's degree in Physics or related area, considering the following:
    1. Any reference to Master's degree stands for Academic Master's degree exclusively.
    2. Applications of candidates who have not yet completed your Master's degree are accepted since it is finished in the month of registration or in the next first half-month.
    3. In case of a Master's degree in a related area, not specifically in Physics, the cadidate must be approved in a written exam which is part of the process for admission to the Master Program of this GPP, observing the dates for the exam accomplishment. In this context:
      • Master's degree in Astronomy or Astrophysics is considered equivalent to the Master's degree in Physics for the Astrophysics Research Area;
      • Master's degree in Physics Teaching is considered equivalent to the Master's degree in Physics for the Physics Teaching Research Area.
    4. Although the Program Regulations (Art. 2) establish Master's degree is not prerequisite for admission to the PhD Program, admissions of candidates who have a Bachelor's degree is just considered in the context of direct passage from Master to PhD Program, in the terms of Art. 34 of the Program Regulations, i.e. for those students already in the Master Program of this GPP.

  • Necessary domuments for application which must be delivery to the Program Secretariat or sent by mail to the address in the top of this announcement:
    1. A filled Registration Form (available in http://www.if.ufrgs.br/pos/portugues/forminscr.pdf);
    2. A PhD Project jointly presented with one of the Program Advisors who declares to be in accordance to orient the candidate in case the candidate is accepted in the Program;
    3. Curriculum Vitae;
    4. two recommendation letters according the model available in http://www.if.ufrgs.br/pos/portugues/ctarec.pdf;
    5. in case of those candidates who have a Master's degree from other Institution, please annex:
      • copy of Identification Document (for brazilians);
      • copy of Passport (for foreigners);
      • copy of Diploma of Master's degree ;
      • copy of Master transcript;
      • program of courses done in the Master studies, including bibliography;
      • result of the written exam, if it was demanded.

  • The selection process includes:
    1. analysis of the PhD Project by ad hoc consultants whose report must be validate by the Graduate Commission;
    2. analysis of the Master transcript and the result of the written exam, if it was demanded, as decribed below.

  • Analysis of the Master transcription is done by the Fellowship Commission and, as a result, it gives a final score, M, obtained by the arithmetic mean of P1, which refers to the total time spent in the Master studies, and P2, which refers to the Master transcription. M, P1, and P2 are scores between 0 (zero) and 3 (three), and they are defined as follows.
    1. P1 = Q*365/T, with precision of two decimal digits. T is the time spent for conclusion of the Master studies measured in days. For times less than two years, T=730 days is assumed; Q is an Institutional quality factor, related to the last evaluation done by CAPES. The values are: Q=6 for Institutions which achieved scores 5, 6 or 7. Q=5 for those with score 4 and Q=4 for those with score 3.
    2. P2 stands for a weighted mean of the grades obtained in the Master studies courses, with exception of seminars, teaching and research. The weights used in the mean calculations are the credit of the courses.
      • Grades from courses are converted to score numbers as the following: A=3, B=2, C=1 and D=FF=0.
      • Candidates whose transcription has grades as numbers, the following conversion is applied: D = not approved in the course. C = minimum grade to be approved up to 7.49. B = from 7.5 up to 8.99 and A = 9.0 up to 10.
      • For those candidates that a written exam is demanded, P2 = written exam score. Here, P2 must be equal or higher than 1.5 (one and half).

  • Are considered approved those candidates with final score M equals or higher to 2.00 (two) and whose PhD Project was accepted.

  • A montly list of approved candidadtes is published in the webpage of the Graduate Program in Physics (http://www.if.ufrgs.br/pos) in the second half-month of every month. This list refers to the registrations in the time range from second half-month of the previous month to first half-month of the current month.

  • Enrollments are made in the first Academic Day of the subsequent month after approvals publication.
      • In case of candidate with Master's presentation scheduled for first half-month of the enrollment month, the enrollment will be made in a conditional manner, and just after the conclusion of the Master studies the permanent enrollment will be made. If an adjournment occurs, the permanent enrollment is automatically postponed and no new candidate evaluation is necessary for admission.

  • Appeals must be made within 5 (five) academic days after approvals publication.

  • Omissive cases will be resolved by the Graduate Commission.

  • Loss of vality of this announcement will be declared in a new one. The registrations made until the date of changes will be mantained according to the old announcement.