Artigos IF-UFRGS 2009

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  4. L. G. Althaus, J. A. Panei, M. M. M. Bertolami, E. Garcia-Berro, A. H. Corsico, A. D. Romero, S. O. Kepler, and R. D. Rohrmann.
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    Astrophysical Journal, 704(2):1605-1615, Oct. 2009.

  5. Maria de los Angeles Fanaro, Maria Rita Otero, and Marco Antonio Moreira.
    Teoremas-en-acto y conceptos-enacto en dos situaciones relativas a la noción de sistema cuántico = Theorems-in-action and concepts-in-action in two situations regarding the notion of quantum system (recurso eletrônico).
    Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências, 9(3):19pp, set./dez. 2009.

  6. E. Balbinot, B. X. Santiago, E. Bica, and C. Bonatto.
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    Network growth for enhanced natural selection.
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    Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, 396(1):2-18, Jun. 2009.

  9. B. Barbuy, M. Zoccali, S. Ortolani, V. Hill, D. Minniti, E. Bica, A. Renzini, and A. Gomez.
    VLT-FLAMES analysis of 8 giants in the bulge metal-poor globular cluster NGC 6522: oldest cluster in the Galaxy? Analysis of 8 giants in NGC 6522.
    Astronomy & Astrophysics, 507(1):405-U533, Nov. 2009.

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    Orientational order in two dimensions from competing interactions at different scales.
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  13. M. Behar, R. C. Fadanelli, I. Abril, R. Garcia-Molina, C. D. Denton, L. C. C. M. Nagamine, and N. R. Arista.
    Energy loss of proton, alpha particle, and electron beams in hafnium dioxide films.
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  14. F. S. Bemfica and H. O. Girotti.
    Noncommutative quantum mechanics as a gauge theory.
    Physical Review D, 79(12):125024, 8p., Jun. 2009.

  15. E. V. Benvenutti, C. C. Moro, T. M. H. Costa, and M. R. Gallas.
    Silica based hybrid materials obtained by the sol-gel method.
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  16. F. Bernardi, M. C. M. Alves, A. Traverse, D. O. Silva, C. W. Scheeren, J. Dupont, and J. Morais.
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    Wave-particle duality: a learning object based on the Mach-Zehnder interferometer.
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  19. V. Biondo, S. N. de Medeiros, A. Paesano, L. Ghivelder, B. Hallouche, and J. B. M. da Cunha.
    Structural and Mossbauer characterization of the ball milled Fe-x(Cr2O3)(1-x) system.
    Solid State Sciences, 11(8):1444-1450, Aug. 2009.

  20. C. Bonatto and E. Bica.
    The nature of the young and low-mass open clusters Pismis 5, vdB 80, NGC 1931 and BDSB 96.
    Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, 397(4):1915-1925, Aug. 2009.

  21. C. Bonatto and E. Bica.
    Investigating the age and structure of the infrared old open clusters LK 1, LK 10, FSR 1521 and FSR 1555.
    Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, 392(1):483-496, jan. 2009.

  22. C. Bonatto and E. Bica.
    Probing the age and structure of the nearby very young open clusters NGC 2244 and 2239.
    Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, 394(4):2127-2140, Apr. 2009.

  23. C. Bonatto, E. Bica, S. Ortolani, and B. Barbuy.
    Further probing the nature of FSR 1767.
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    Geometric interpretation of previtrification in hard sphere liquids.
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  29. C. I. W. Calcagno, C. M. Mariani, S. R. Teixeira, and R. S. Mauler.
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