Activities of the Yugoslavian Team

I. Media Promotion of Women in Physics Conference


May 3 2002.

Article: It’s All Barbie’s Fault (Krive su Barbike) in the Politika daily paper


May 16 2002.

Daaa Duha

ek(Belgrade Women,s Studies Center) and Dragana Popovi talked on education and the reform of higher education on Radio Kontakt, Zemun.


April 2002.

Presentation of the Belgrade Women's Studies Center was first in the series of womens group's presentations under the name The voice of Difference (Glas razlike). It was broadcasted on the first channel of national television, and Daaa Duha

ek, Dragana Popovi and Jelisaveta Blagojevi participated.

January 2003

Dragana Popovic participated in the Metropolis, RTV Beograd (Story from the Childhood – the anniversary of Nikola Tesla), talking about the relevance of role models and early childhood in choosing professional career afterwards.

II.Academic Activities

1. In 2001/2003 Academic year Dragana Popovic coordinated a course "Innovators or Interpreters: Women, Science, Technology and Environment" held at Belgrade Women's Studies Center. There were 12/15 students, mainly in social sciences and humanities and 5 women- lecturers (two of them physists).

2. Seminars at Conferences:

a. Exploratorium 2002 – Science and Ethics (Petnica Research Center), March 2002 (dr Popovic: Women Nobel Prize Winners)

b. Women in History of Civilization (UGS Independence)

(dr Popovic "Mileva Maric Einstein – In the Shadow of Genius")

c. dr Dragana Popovic : Science and Gender: Reconstructing the Academy in Serbia (Eastern Women in Transition, American University of Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, April, 2003)

d. dr Dragana Popovic : Science, Gender and Power- The case of Serbia (Gender and Power in The New Europe, Lund, Sweden, August 2003)