Activities of Spanish Team

1. The most important one is the creation of a group Mujeres en Fisica (Women

in Physics) in the Spanish Physical Society (Real Sociedad Española de

Fisica, RSEF).

We have had several working meetings in Madrid and we met

members of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society and the President

before we presented our application to the Board.

On the 21st of November we had a meeting in Madrid with all members of the

Society who were interested in the creation of this Group. During these

months we collected signatures in favor of the creation of the group.

We succeded and the Group was approved in the Board of Directors and in

the General Assembly of the Spanish Physical Society on the 12th of

December 2002. The Board of the Group is

President: Dr. Pilar Lopez-Sancho (

Secretary: Dr. Margarita Chevalier (

Treasurer: Dr. Maria Rosario Heras

Vice presidents: Dr Carmen Carreras ( and Dr. Maria

J. Yzuel (

And four additional members.

In the future our president Pilar Lopez-Sancho should be considered our

leader and you can contact her directly.

2.Three articules in the Revista Española de Fisica in Spanish:

Article 1: A revision of the Conference in Paris and the web pages of interest.

Your web page was included.

Article 2: The Resolutions of the Conference in Spanish

Article 3: A long paper in the last number Dec 2002 with the title: Situacion de

las mujeres en Fisica en España. Authors: Carmen Carreras, Margarita

Chevalier, Pedro Mejias, Pilar Lopez-Sancho and Maria J. Yzuel.

3. In July the Spanish Physical society will organize a General conference

in the occasion of the one hundred aniversary of the Society. It will be

held in Madrid from 7 to 11 July 2003. The Organizing Committee has appoved

a session on Women in Physics with an invited talk and a discussion time on

the subject.

Maria J. Yzuel

Team Leader of Women in Physics in Spain