Activities of Norwegian Team

1. At the next Conference of Norwegian Physicists (the first after the IUPAP meeting) we plan to arrange a satellite meeting to restart a Women in Physics society, after the previous one has been hibernating for some years. This meeting will be arranged at August 10 this year, and we hope to be back with some more information soon.

2. Prof. Anne Borg has been appointed a member of the IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics, which I am convinced will bring back to our small Norwegian community a renewed enthusiasm to take on the tasks of improving the reqruitment of women to physics.

3. Unfortunately EU court (I don't remember which one) has ruled illegal the initiative of the Norwegian government to earmark a few professorship positions in the universities for women. This has been a great disappointment, also for the universities which saw this as an effective way to increase the number of women professors in

the underrepresented fields.

4 Locally however, the University of Tromso has set aside some fundings to

assist female physicist (some research funding and other support to do more effective research) in qualifying for full professorship.

Åshild Fredriksen,

Team Leader of Women in Physics in Norway