Activities of the Lithuanina Team

  1. A session on Women in Physics was set up in Lithuanian Physical Society.

  2. A web sites (English version) and (Lithuanian version) were created as a part of the web site of Lithuanian Physical Society (

  3. The information about grant opportunities, initiatives of women groups of IUPAP, European Physical Society and Lithuanian Physical Society was continually sent to Lithuanian women physicists.

  4. Dr Nerija Zurauskiene (Institute of Semiconductor Physics) received a travel grant from UNESCO for the participation at the International conference (October, 2002, 500USD).

  5. A list of women as invited speakers and titles of their contributions for the organizing committees of International and National conferences was prepared and sent to Prof. G. Gehring.

  6. 5 papers about International conference Women in Physics (Paris) were published in newspapers and popular journals in Lithuania and 2 lectures were given to Lithuanian physicists. Dr. D.Satkovskiene gave a lecture to the professors and students at the Center of Equal Opportunities for Gender at Vilnius University.

Our efforts to increase the number of women in the Councils of Physics Faculty (Vilnius University) and Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University failed. No one woman was elected at Physics Faculty. The number of women decreased from two to one in the Council at Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University though women consist 21% of scientists.

Dr. Alicija Kupliauskiene,

Leader of the Lithuanian women physicists