Name/Country Name of Conf. and Date

Duygu Balcan - Turkey 22nd Int'l Conf. on Statistical Physical 7/4-9/04, India

Mina Bettachy - Morocco 40th IUPAC Int'l Sympsoium on Macromolecules 7/4-9/04, Paris

Carla B. Bonifazi - Argentina 21st Int'l Neutrino Physics & Astrophysics Conf., 6/14-19/04, Paris

Mmantsae M. Diale - Africa MRS Fall Meeting, 11/27-12/3/04, Boston MA, USA

Galina Fikipuk - Belarus Asymptotic Theories and Painleve Equations, 6/1-5/04, France

Dariia Gaponova - Russia 4th Int'l Conf. on Photo-Excited Pricesses & Appl., 9/5-9/04, Italy

Veselina Gencheva - Bulgaria 8th European Conf. on Atomic & Molecular Physics, 7/6-10/04, France

Mihaela Ghelmez - Romania Conference on Computational Physics, 9/1-4/04, Italy

Sofia Kantorovich - Russia ICMF10 Int'l Conf. on Magnetic Fluids, 8/2-10/04, Brazil

Yulia Kugaenko - Russia 29 General Assembly of the European Seismological Comm., 9/13-17/04, Germany

Susana J. Landau - Argentina *(altern) Jt European & Nat'l Astronomy Mtg., 9/13-17/04, Granada

Lucimara Ramos Matins - Brazil Gordon Research Conf. on Water & Aqueous Solutions, 8/1-6/04, NH, USA

Anuradha Misra - India LC2004, 8/16-20/04, Amsterdam Netherlands

Sri Mulyaningsih - Indonesia 4 th Asian Symposium on Engineering Geology & Env, 5/3-5/04, Hong Kong

Liudmila Nickelson - Lithuania 15th Conf. on Microwaves, Radar, & Wireless Comm., 5/17-19/04, Poland

Margit Osvay - Hungary 14th Int'l Conf. on Solid State Dosimetry, 6/27-7/2/04, New Haven CT, USA

Ekaterina M. Palagina - Russia 10th Int'l. Conf. on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation, 7/16-26/04, Berlin

Dagmar Panosova - Czech Rep 7th European Conf. on Applications of Polar Dielectrics, 9/6-9/04, Czech Rep.

Oksana Plekan - Ukraine 13th Int'l School on Quantum Electronics, 9/20-24/04, Bulgaria

Adriana Serquis - Argentina Biennial Applied Superconductivity Conf., 10/3-8/04, Jacksonville FL, USA

Prajval Shastri - India 222nd Symposium of the Int'l Astronomical Union, 3/1-5/04, Brazil

Marina Shelyapina - Russia International Symposium on Metal Hydrogen Systems, 9/5-10/04, Poland

Larissa Sidorova - Russia 35th Cospar Scientific Assembly, 7/18-25/04, France

Tamar Tchelidze - Tbilisi Georgia 20th General Conf. of the Condensed Matter Div. EPS, 719-23/04, Czech Rep.

Laura Tugulea - Romania XIIIth Int'l Congress on Photosynthesis, 8/29-9/3/04, Montreal, Canada,

Number total of applicants: 200