Name Country Conference Attending and Date

Mimoza Hafizi Albania Cargese School: Frontiers of the Universe Cosmology 2003,

Nataliya Nikonenko Belarus 10th European Conf. on the Spectroscopy of Biological molecules

Galina Zalesskaya Belarus 8th Conference on Methods and Application of Fluorescence

Solange B. Cavalcanti Brazil Optical Society Annual Meeting

Nadezhda M. Nancheva Bulgaria 8th Wksp on Multimedia in Physics Teaching & Learning

Litizzia Wastavino-Gonzalez Chile 14th Int’l Conf. on Mathematical Phy,

Zuyuan Wang China P.R. 2004 SIC Symposium, XXIII Scientific Instrument Sym.,

Aurora M.P. Martinez Cuba Summer School on Particle Physics

Jarmila Kodymova Czech Republic ILLA/LTL2003

Olga Krupkova Czech Republic Workshop on Differential Geometric Meth. In Physics.

Chaitra A. Narayan India Star & Structure Formation

Swarnamala Sirsi India 8th Int’l Conf. on Squeezed States & Uncertainty Rel

Dungenbaeva Kuralay Kazakhstan Baikal Scientific School for young scientists on fund. Physics

Dalia Satkovkiene Lithuania Xl Int’l Congress of Quantum Chemistry,

Deborah Oluwaseun Olorode Nigeria XXIII General Assembly of the IUGG2003,

Anna Maciolek Poland 1st. Int’l Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS 2003)

Irina Georgievna Pirozhenko Russia ` 6th Workshop on Quantum Field Theory (QFEXTO3)

Olga Rozanova Russia 14th Int’l Conf. on Mathematical Phy

Elena A. Zapreyeva Russia Journees Luxembourgeoises de Geodynamique, 91st JLG

Anna Zorkovska Slovakia ` International Conference on Magnetism 2003

Saziye Ugur Turkey 11th Int’l Conf. on Surface & Colloidal Science,

Olena Mul Ukraine 14th Int’l Conf. on Mathematical Phy

Olena Vertsanova Ukraine 14th Int’l Conf. on Mathematical Phy.,

Gloria Buendia Venezuela Int’l Conference on Magnetism,

Nguyen Ngoc Toan Vietnam Int’l Women’s Conf on BIEN-Tech, Daejeon Korea,

Total Number of Applicants: 80