Activities of the Greek Team

1. A long article was written in a special issue of the “ Greek Physics Review” magazine.

2. A few articles were written on Greek newspapers containing information about the meeting.

3. On the same subject a few interviews were given on the Greek radio.

4. An scientific article was submitted for publication in an international magazine concerning the use of information diffusion-and in particular using the www- in the education and the resulting sex differences.

5. All relevant information about the meeting and its resolutions were sent to the government officials, in particular to the Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Committee for “Science and Women” which belongs to the Secretariat of Research and Technology.

6. A lot of information concerning available posts and opportunities was diffused to the community.

7. In the “University of Thessaly” a new course titled “Women, Science and Technology” will be shortly included in the curriculum for Gender Equality.

8. A one-day workshop will be dedicated to the above subject, as well. Gender and sex equality topics are discussed and taught in the curricula of Physics Sciences and Technology.

9. An undergraduate degree is being written on the subject by a female student of the U. of Thessaly.

Christine Kourkoumelis

Team Leadear of Women in Physics in Greece