Milestone for Working Group of Women in Physics in Taiwan

(WGWIP in Taiwan, WGWIPIT)

The first edition is written by Ming-Fong Tai on 03/26/2003

The revised done by Grace Lin & Huei-Ming Wu on 04/02/2003

1. Functional meetings of WGWIP

International Conference on Women in Physics.

2. Outreach programs

3. Annual meetings

· May 25-26, 2002 --- Held the 1st joint symposium with female chemists in a beautiful vocation area, Woolia, Taiwan. Total participants of this symposium were more than 40. Some couples including two from China and some children accompanied with their mothers joined this symposium. There were many important experiences and interesting problems being discussed and shared with all participants. Ms. Ho, who is a senior researcher in NSC and is responsible to the survey of the research proposal applications. All participants had a really great time and expected to have the other symposium soon. The second symposium is be organized to be held in June 2003. The records about most discussions and feedback information of all participants have been corrected and reported in the bimonthly journal of PSROC (in Chinese).

4. Policy making

· Establish a special scholarship for female graduated students in physics ---

We have secured a special fund of about US$600/year through “Wu-Chien-Hsiung foundation” for one or two female graduated students in physics.

· Sent a formal letter to NSC for establishing new regulation of research funding for female scientists. The new proposal includes a special rule for annual leave of female scientist due to the pregnancy and family leave, and special scholarship for female PhD candidates.

Some realistic suggestions and related supporting methods were also listed in this letter.

· Propose a new tenure track policy in National Taiwan University for female pregnancy and child-caring problems. The new proposal includes a special rule for annual leave of female scientist due to the pregnancy and family leave. The improving work was begun in May 2002. Some positive effects have been obtained in many science fields and departments in Taiwan.

5. Supporting activities

· Setup a web page of WGWIPIT and a discussion web site under the web site of PRSOC for connecting with all females working or studying in science fields.

· In conjunction with National Union of Taiwan Woman Association, we have formed a special group of female physicists to promote female high school students to choice sciences as their career. In Nov. 2002, we have our first executive committee and established the format for our course (the minutes for the meeting is enclosed). In the beginning of 2003, we will tour all major high school in Taiwan, present seminar to promote female students to choice science as their career.

Written by Ming-Fong Tai, in Taiwan, 04/02/03, Page 3 of 3