Activities of the Canadian Team

A number of CEWIP and related activities followed directly from the IUPAP


1. The IUPAP conference and resulting recommendations and resolutions

were summarized at the Women in Physics session at the Canadian

Association of Physicists annual meeting held in Quebec City in June 2002.

2. The poster our delegation presented at the IUPAP meeting summarizing the

status of women in physics in Canada was also presented at the Canadian

Association of Physicists annual meeting, held in Quebec City in June 2002

and the International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists in

Ottawa, July 2002. (

3. A summary of the IUPAP conference, including the conference resolutions

and recommendations, was published in Physics in Canada, which is

circulated to all members of the Canadian Association of Physicists.


4. At least one member of the original delegation (Marie D'Iorio) attended

the IUPAP General Assembly in Berlin, where a vote was taken on the

resolutions of the Paris conference and where the Canadian delegation

supported the resolutions.

Upcoming events include:

1. Marie D'Iorio will give a talk on Attracting Women to Science at the

Women in Science and Engineering Breakfast at the MRS meeting this month.

2. This year's CEWIP event at the CAP Annual Congress (June 2003

Charlottetown PEI) will include a presentation by Carolyn Emerson about her

recent book (with F. Mary Williams) entitled Becoming Leaders: A Handbook

for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology.

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