Activities of Cameron Team

1. In connection with giving women strong leadership positions, our campaign at the Annual General Meeting of the North-West Association of Physics Teachers

(NWAPT), resulted in the election of Mrs. Mafeni Evelyn as President. This is the first time that a woman has been elected to that position. She is very

active and is indeed a role model for many girls in schools.

2.As a result of the Institute’s influence even before the conference, another lady was appointed as the Provincial Pedagogic Inspector of Physics for the North-West Province. Again this is the first time a woman is in that position.

3. Taking into consideration the fact that the vast majority of lecturers in our universities did not have formal training as teachers, the Institute of Physics-Cameroon is embarking on two-day workshops in each university to draw the attention of lecturers to the need to foster an enabling environment and pursue

pedagogic practice that encourages the girl in the Physics and related departments.

4.IOPC in collaboration with the pedagogic services have embarked on wring textbooks that take into consideration the sensitivities of the girl.

5.The Institute of Physics-Cameroon has already contacted the authoroties of the Colleges of Education with a view to ensuring that Gender Issues are included as a core component of teacher education.

6. Because girls seem to like collaborative rather than competitive approaches in learning, we are embarking putting practical work at the centre of all teaching approaches.

7. In connection with policy matters, we are at the Ministries of Women’s Affairs, National Education, Technical and Professional Education, Higher Education, and the Ministry of Scientific and Technical Research, to initiate bills aimed granting

equal opportunities for all.

8. The other measures envisaged include the introduction of Design and Technology in schools, encouraging school-industry links, giving grants and prizes to girls who excel in Physics at certificate and university examinations.

Ndukong Tata Gerard

Team Leader of Women in Physics in Cameron