Activities of the Bulgarian Team

1) Interview with Ana Proykova . Bulgarian National Radio, April 25,

2002: .Europe without Borders.. The talk was devoted to the resolution

voted in Paris at the conference .Women in Physics., to the specific

situation in Bulgaria, to school education in Physics;

2) Journal .NAUKA. (Bi-monthly publication of the Union of Scientists

in Bulgaria), No.2, 2002, p.34 .Women in Physics: International

conference. (A. Proykova). The article describes in 6 pages the topics

covered at the conference and the main outputs.

3) Journal .NAUKA., Penka Lazarova, .Physics on Stage 2: Challenges

and New Methods of Education. No. 3/34, 2002. The paper reports on the

second edition of the activity .Physics on Stage.. Physics on Stage is

carried out in all the member states of the organizing bodies, ESA, CERN

and ESO. Each of the 22 countries has a National Steering Committee,

responsible for the successful execution of Physics on Stage in their

respective countries:

4) May 30, 2002: International seminar on Quality Education in the

Universities . reporter for the University of Sofia, A. Proykova. The

discussion was related to the influence of the school teachers (mainly

women in Bulgaria) on the future choice of the students.

5) TV Movies . lessons in Physics: from classical mechanics to

quantum physics: May- December, 2002. The series approaches the children,

age 10-14. Under the supervision of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria.

6) .Women Session. at the 3rd workshop on Nanotechnology, October,

17-18, 2002.

7) Radio .Hristo Botev.: .Civilization. radio-show: talk with A.

Proykova .The role of gender in exact sciences.

8) Young physicists-girls: Yana Maneva, Antonia Miteva . presentation

at the University conference on Modern Physics. They covered problems

encountered during the study at the University.

9) Women in the network of the National Contact Points for the FP6:

European Scientific program: November, 2002 - January, 2003.