Activities of the Belorusian Team

1.Larissa Svirina has talked about about Paris Conference at the Belorus Physical Society seminar and at the four-year Meeting,

2. The article " Girls Let's go to Physics " was published in the academic newspaper "Vedy" (Knowledge) No 14, June 15, 2002.

3. Larissa Svirina gave the interview on TV on 23.07. 02.

4. The article "Five Thousand Nice Ladies" appeared in journal "Belaruskaya dumka" ("Belarusian Though") on No 11-12, 2002, p 60-65.

5. An article appeared in journal "Navukovaya dumka" ("Scientific though") No 6 (Nov - Dec) 2002.

6. We presented 5 reports at the meeting WOMAN. EDUCATION. DEMOCRACY,

December 6-7 Minsk 2002, organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic

of Belarus and Female institute "ENVILA". They will be published in the in the Proceedings of the Conference. Below you will find a short description:

Article 1: Svetlana Vashchenko Institute of Power Engineering Problems NASB,

Minsk , Gender Balance Problems in Physical and Engineering Sciences. Specificity of the gender inequality problems and the reasons for their appearance in the institutes of Applied Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus are analyzed.

Article 2: Galina Zalesskaya. Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics NASB,

Minsk, Belarusian women in contemporary Physics. Analyzing history of Belarusian women in Physics in personalities and subjects, it is shown that the main restrictive factor for women is not the lack of abilities but the strong competition in the field of creative labour.

Article 3: Albina Karolik Institute of Applied Physics NASB, Minsk, Scientific Career of a Woman in Physics ( personal experience and attempt of analysis of the problem). Taking into account the disturbing demographic situation in our republic

(Belarus with population about 10 million, at present rate of population decrease can loose about 2 million for 50 years) it is necessary to provide the opportunity for a woman to combine social and motherhood activity.

Article 4 : Iryna Miadzvedz, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Gender and education in Physics. The objective and subjective factors of the problems in learning Physics by girls are elucidated and the ways of their overcoming are suggested.

Article 5: Larissa Svirina, Institute of physics NASB, Minsk, Gender Disbalance in Physics: Problems and Ways of Their Solution (Overview of proceedings of the International Conference "Women in Physics" Maison I'UNESCO, Paris, France, March 7-9 2002). The aim of the report is to disseminate the results of the Paris Conference on Women in Physics in Belarus, as well as to discuss the applicability of its Resolutions to the regional conditions.

7. Svetlana Vashchenko in 2002 participated as an expert in the International Conference "Gender Studies in Modern Universities: International Experience. Gender Component in Technical Education and Natural Sciences" July 6, 2002,

Kyiv, Ukraine, organized by UNESCO Chair in Technical Higher Education, Applied System Analysis and Informatics at the National Technical University of

Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and the Institute for Applied System

Analysis. She gave the report titled "The Problems of Promotion for Women in

Engineering Sciences", published in Proceedings.

8 The women from Belarus were participated in the competition for the L'Oreal prize and Rosalind Franklin fellowship.

9. Creation of the Working Group on Women in Physics of Belorus of the Belorus Physical Society.

Larissa Svirina

Team Leader of Women in Physics in Belorus