Activities of the Albanian Team

1.Two women elected to the Albanian Physical Society Council

Before 7(seven) months in Tirana took place the General Conference of Albanian Physical Society.The Council formed by seven members is elected and for the

first time in our history in the new Council were elected two women. Prof. Antoneta Deda, the team leader from Albania was elected General Secretary of the Society. The other woman is a young woman physicist from Vlora, a town in the south of Albania. She is in charge of organizing the women physicist that work in this

region of the country.

2. Creation of a Working Group on Women in Physics in Albania

We have formed also a small team (four women physicist) who will organize the work related to women in physics in the framework of the Albanian Physical Society.

3. Session on Women in Physics at the Balkanian Physics Union Meeting

From 25-29 August, 2003 in Serbia will take place the Fifth Conference of B.P.U.(Balkan Physics Union). In this Conference will be organized a section”

Women in Physics”, where we hope to discuss and exchange experiences with other Balkan Countries.About 12 women from Albania are interesting in submitting a

contribution in the Conference.

4. Special Grant for work in Physics Applied to Biological Systems

In March, 2003 a young woman Physicist, in the University of Tirana, who participated in the Paris Conference, performed successfully the doctoral thesis: The spectroscopic study of some macromolecules with biological interest, related to their function in the human body.

Recently been done the reorganization of curricula in Physics at the Tirana University. The new curriculum is oriented under three directions:

a. The Physics of condensed matter.

b. Biophysics and the Environmental Physics.

c. Theoretical Physics.

For this reason, the European community has approuved support to the project of formation of a new Environmental Laboratory to be installed soon in the University of Tirana, which will obviously improve the level of laboratory equipment, the level of scientific personnel as well as the laboratory technicians. Some young female

Physicist has won a fellowship in framework of thisproject. Therefore, it is thought to attract moregirls in the Physics branch, especially in the direction of Biophysics and the Physics of Environment, which is much preferred and accepted by them.

5. Project in Educations

N.G.O.-es are contributing to projects that will result in raise teaching

and research level in high and higher school.


Team Leader of women in physicist in Albania