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Uranus III


Titania [Ty-TAY-ne-ah] is the largest moon of Uranus. It is marked by a few large impact basins, but is generally covered with small craters and very rough rocks. The above image shows a 1,600 kilometer (1,000 mile) long trench. A large double walled crater can be seen towards the top of the image. There are many faults on Titania indicating there has been internal forces molding its surface.

Titania Statistics
 Discovered byWilliam Herschel 
 Date of discovery1787 
 Mass (kg)3.49e+21 
 Mass (Earth = 1)5.8400e-04 
 Equatorial radius (km)788.9 
 Equatorial radius (Earth = 1)1.2369e-01 
 Mean density (gm/cm^3)1.70 
 Mean distance from Uranus (km)435,840 
 Rotational period (days)8.705872 
 Orbital period (days)8.705872 
 Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)3.65 
 Orbital eccentricity0.0022 
 Orbital inclination (degrees)0.14 
 Escape velocity (km/sec)0.768 
 Visual geometric albedo0.27 
 Magnitude (Vo)13.73 

Views of Titania

This image of Titania shows a 1,600 kilometer (1,000 mile) long trench located towards the left side of the picture. A large double walled crater can be seen towards the top of the image. (Credit Calvin J. Hamilton)

Polar Stereographic Map of Titania
This image is a polar stereographic map of the southern hemisphere of Titania. The map was made from the three highest resolution clear filter images taken by Voyager 2. The two best images were averaged in order to decrease the noise. The resulting image and the third highest resolution clear image were then projected into a polar stereographic projection and mosaicked together. Zero degrees longitude (the central longitude of the side that is facing Uranus) is at the top. (Courtesy A.Tayfun Oner)

Simple Cylindrical Map of Titania
This is a simple cylindrical map of Titania. Zero degrees longitude is at the center. One pixel equals about 4.4 kilometers at the equator. (Courtesy A.Tayfun Oner)

Global Orthorgraphic View of Titania
This global orthographic view of Titania is centered at 60° south latitude and 340° longitude. The image is a reprojection of the polar stereographic map. (Courtesy A.Tayfun Oner)

Crescent Orthographic View of Titania
This crescent orthographic view of Titania is centered at 20 degrees north latitude and 340 degrees longitude. 340 degrees longitude is directed towards the right side of the image. (Courtesy A.Tayfun Oner)


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