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Colóquios 2015


Design of thermoelectric highly efficient Heusler compounds by phase separation and nanocomposites
15.10.2015 16.00 h
Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral - Porto Alegre
Colóquios 2015


Design of thermoelectric highly efficient Heusler compounds using phase separation and nano-composites

Benjamin Balke

Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg - University, Mainz, Germany


The Half-Heusler compounds are one of the most promising candidates among the mid-temperature to high-temperature thermoelectric materials being investigated for automotive and industrial waste heat recovery applications. For n- as well as p-type materials ZT values with peak values larger than one have been published recently and first modules have been built.

I will give an overview about our recent investigations about phase separation in the thermoelectric Heusler compounds. I will present our studies on the phase separations in the quasi-ternary system TiNiSn-ZrNiSn-HfNiSn. Studying patents and publications of the last two years carefully, one could read a lot about not-single phase samples inside of the TiNiSn-ZrNiSn-HfNiSn system. Furthermore, I will show how we adapted this knowledge to design a p-type Heusler compound which led to a ZT increase of 130% compared to the best published bulk p-type Heusler compound in the literature.

Additionally, I will present how we used the knowledge about the phase separation to design thermoelectric highly efficient nano-composites of different single-phase materials.


These results strongly underline the importance of phase separations as an important tool in the design of highly thermoelectric efficient materials which fulfill the industrial demands for a thermoelectric converter.


Anfiteatro Antônio Cabral
Porto Alegre
Rio Grande do Sul
País: br


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