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Colóquios 2014


Are there extrasolar planetary systems like our own?
Colóquios 2014



Título:  Are there extrasolar planetary systems like our own?

Apresentador: Detlev Koester, University of Kiel, Germany


Today almost 2000 planets are known in systems around other stars. We have estimates their masses, the distances to the central stars, the distances from our own sun, and sometimes the planetary radius. Very little, however, is known about the chemical composition in these system. Is it similar to the rocky material in our own system, is it completely different? The answer to this question is important for any consideration about extraterrestrial life, but there is little hope to achieve this by direct observations. I will present an indirect method which uses the analysis of material deposited on the surface of white dwarfs stars, currently thought to come from the remains of rocky bodies of a former planetary system.


Dia: 15 de abril de 2014
Horário: 16 horas
Local: Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral - Prédio 43135 – Campus do Vale -UFRGS




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